Thriving at the intersection of art and technology,our mantra is to inspire and be inspired.

We like to see each project as an opportunity to go forth onto unexplored territories or simply pioneer our way through digital visual communication.

Our vision

We empower brands by creating a connection trough visuals.

Daniel Lyono

Creative Director and Founder

The youngest of the family, Guillermo's twin brother. Daniel enjoys architecture through drawing on paper, fuels his creativity playing the piano and running in the parks. His vision of life is to seek and give by being the best in what you do.

Victor Fuentes

Manager & Partner

New York City lover, soccer player and Leonel Messi fan, Victor is passionate about architecture and photography enthusiast, symmetry through composition is one of his personal hallmarks. They like to sculpt and shape their work with shadows.

José Manuel González

Senior 3d Artist

Speed and discipline are values that run through his veins, Chema is a lover of airplanes and cars, his hobbies of assembling scale models allows him to understand patterns and break up objects in a skillful and simple way, architecture is a passion that defines him and transmits it through his works.

Melissa Reyes

Mid-Senior 3d Artist

Energy and simplicity are what define Meli, she loves to eat new tastes in town and meet with her friends.

Guillermo Castellanos

Brand Media Strategist

The first to be born, Daniel's twin brother. Guillermo is internationally known for being an analytical and purposeful strategist, through his creativity he transforms and communicates brands like nobody else, all the time he seeks to grow his knowledge, currently studying his master's degree in Barcelona. He is passionate about cars and everything that can be unique and unrepeatable.

Javier Robles

Mid-Senior 3D Artist

Born and raised in Sinaloa, Mexico. Javier loves to play video games at night, a pizza eater, dark rum sommelier and great sea food chef.He specializes in creating atmospheres through particles and simulations, thanks to his principal discipline; Industrial design, Javier can translate furniture design and interpret it to an amazing outcome.

Our convictions


Our qualified team makes digital handcrafting possible, delivering overall unique quality detail.


At Lyono we strongly commit to ideals throughout the project; time and resources are just as important for us as for you, this is why we make you a part of our whole work process.


The search for better solutions to your project’s requirements is an essential part of our performance standards.

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Our step by step process takes in each element and unifies concept through visualization.



Client meets team. Together we understand the feel and needs of the project.



Planning out. Through a task list we fit an optimal proposal to your needs.



Preparing for lift off. 360º Investigation, analysis and immersion of the project.



Transforming the idea. We translate your vision into a clear unique concept.



Handmade visualization. Our team sketches, interprets, takes apart, combines and models there way up to the final product.



Finishing touches. Based on your latest feedback from revisions, the team polishes off the project until we have the best results possible.



Unraveling. The sum of efforts is finally presented as a whole and handed over for your value.

Our clients & brands